The Wizards

Jim Kozlowski (Wizard I) made his first piece of pottery on the wheel in July of 1962. He earned a BS and MS in Art Education and, after 12 years as an art teacher in Greece, NY, he moved his family out to the Finger Lakes. He hand-built a series of attached geodesic domes that are the Wizard of Clay retail store and workshop. It is then on October 26th, 1979 they opened and he became a full-time potter. Along with his wife, Lois, they built a destination location for people to stop in and see the magic being made. Known for their classic Bristoleaf® design that uses indigenous leaves on some of the pottery. After more than 50 years making beautiful pottery, Jim & Lois retired in 2014 and now enjoy their retirement in the Southern Finger Lakes Region.

His son Jamie (Wizard II) started working with his father full-time in 1994. With more than 25 years of experience, Jamie throws more than 17,000 pieces a year at the wheel.

The father-son (and mother) partnership made a great combination of energies and ideas, constantly fueled by imagination and challenges. Along with a full-time and part-time staff, the Wizard of Clay makes functional, beautiful pottery made to last a lifetime. Together, and apart, the family celebrates 40 years as a family-owned & operated business.