Wedding Registry FAQ

We have received numerous requests for custom dinnerware sets for weddings. To help answer these questions,

Q: How long does it take to make a dinnerware set?

A: In most cases, we need 4-6 weeks to complete your custom set. This means, you want to place your
order AT LEAST 2 months BEFORE you send out your wedding invitations. This gives us time to create it,
take pictures of it, and put it online for guest access.

Q: If I am having a bridal shower, should I order even earlier?

A: YES! You want friends and family to access the dinnerware as soon as they receive the invitation to
your shower. This means, you must order 2 months BEFORE you send out your shower invitations.

Q: What is a dinnerware set?

A: That is up to the couple. A classic “set” includes 6 pieces; a dinner plate, lunch plate, dessert plate,
cereal bowl, smaller bowl, and a coffee cup or a handle-less cup/ stemless wine glass.

  • Plates can be made round or square.
  • Bowls can have a “lip” or no-lip. If unsure, we can send you pictures.

Q: How many of the “sets” should we order?

A: That is also completely up to the couple. Most couples order 10 or 12 sets but we can do any amount
since they are being made just for you.

Q: I am familiar with Wizard of Clay. Can I order dinnerware in the classic Bristoleaf®?

A: Yes. But, if you are familiar with us then you know we use real leaves. These sets can ONLY be made
when we have leaves, mid-May through October.

  • If you are having a Spring/ early Summer wedding, you will need to order the Summer/Fall
    before. Ex. Spring 2021 wedding means ordering by September 1 st of 2020. This date gives you
    the best leaf choices as leaves start to deteriorate in late September.
  • If you are having a late Summer or Fall wedding, you will need to order the set in April. This
    means, as soon as the leaves come out we can start your set right away!
  • Remember you want the dinnerware done before you send out invitations.

Q: Bristoleaf®…what is that?

A: Bristoleaf® is our registered trademarked pottery using indigenous leaves picked from the Wizard of
Clay property. They are picked in the morning and placed on a freshly made piece. Bristoleaf® started in
1979 when the Wizard of Clay opened. It has become a household tradition in our area.

Q: Can I bring you my own leaves?

A: Yes. If you are local, you can pick the leaves yourself and deliver them to the Wizard of Clay. This
requires some timing and coordination with the potter and his staff. We must have a conversation with you about this before it happens. Some leaves work better than others. We will discuss this with you.

Q: How much are each “set”?

A: There are 3 pricing tiers and the cost depends on which pieces you decide to go with. A “classic” 6
piece set (without Bristoleaf®) is approx. $115. Again, this amount can go up or down depending on
which pieces you pick for your set. There is additional expense for Bristoleaf and colored Bristoleaf.

Q: Can I add other items to match it like large serving bowls, utensil jar, or baking dishes?

A: Yes. Please be aware that some of those extra items may take a little longer to create.

Q: What colors/ glaze options do I have to pick from?

A: We have a large variety of color possibilities for sets without leaves. When you come to the store, you
can pick from most colors in the store. If you want Bristoleaf, the classic colors are white, green, blue,
black, and brown.

Q: I am not local. How do I pick my color?

A: We ALWAYS recommend coming to the store. This gives you the best opportunity to see what we
offer. If that is not an option, picking colors can be tricky, but we can do it with enough time. We can
email you pictures of a variety of colors. You can also find an item on our website and we can try to color
match. (We can NOT mix Bristoleaf colors with non-Bristoleaf colors).

Q: Can I pick more than 1 color?

A: YES. We have done that in the past and couples have been very happy with their decision to mix up
the colors.

Q: Where is the Wizard of Clay Pottery studio?

A: We are located in a series of geodesic domes nestled in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region about 30
miles Southeast of Rochester, NY. We have a Bloomfield mailing address, but we are physically located
in the Town of Bristol. The domes are just 3 miles from Honeoye Lake and 12 miles from Canandaigua
Lake. Adjacent to us is Noble Shepherd Brewery. Click here for Google Maps directions.

Q: When is the best time to come to the store?

A: The sooner the better! We are open 9-5pm all year long. From Jan. 1 st – March 31 st we are closed on
Thursdays. Otherwise, we are open 7 days a week.

Q: Can my friends and family purchase them online?

A: Yes. We will take a picture of your set and put them online.

Q: Do you ship?

A: Yes. There is an additional cost for shipping and it is calculated online at check-out.

Q: I have friends and family in the Rochester/ Finger Lakes area. Can they stop into the Wizard of Clay
and purchase them?

A: Yes. They can also purchase them online, and pick-up it up in the store.

Q: Can strangers buy my dinnerware online?

A: No. Your online dinnerware is password protected. Your friends and family will need the password to
access your registry. You will provide them the password with your invitation.

Q: Why a dinnerware set?

A: The set is custom made just for you! It is a daily reminder of the love you share as you journey
through life together. We have been fortunate to learn over the years that many families love to
purchase locally made, one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted pieces for wedding gifts. Our pottery is lead free,
dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. Most importantly, it is FUNCTIONAL. With appropriate care and
handling, your dinnerware should last a lifetime.